Saturday, 25 April 2015

Step away from the #KylieJennerChallenge

This 'challenge' is starting to really grind my gears. I've never seen people be so foolish in my life! I understand that people like to try things out and experiment, but then there is taking things too far. Just because something has become a trend doesn't mean you have to follow it.

These lip suction devices that are going around are so bad for you! I'm no doctor but I have done my research and have read up on what professionals have said. A few people have been stupid enough to use shot glasses, hairspray lids and more random objects to create the effect. I've not seen any have a happy ending.
Is it really worth the risk of premature wrinkles, burst blood vessels, bruising and more for just 30 minutes of plumper lips?
It makes me completely cringe to see people with their lips looking extremely uncomfortable and unnatural, most end up looking like poor Jeff Fungus from Monsters Inc.
This trend should really be called the #JeffFungusChallenge. 
Some beauty bloggers claim that you can use these safely if you don't have them on your lips for too long and use it on occasion, but if you are going to do this on a regular basis it will still cause the long-term effects.
The only positive to this is that at least it's not lip injections where you're pumping chemicals into your body.
I'd be happy to create a tutorial on how to create fuller looking lips with just makeup, if that is what people would like to see? You can simply wipe makeup off at the end of the day.

If you have been thinking about getting these devices, please PLEASE reconsider!
What are your thoughts? Have you tried them out?

Monday, 20 April 2015

How To Balance Studying, a Job and a Blog

If you didn’t know already, not only do I write this blog but I am also studying fashion at university and I work at MAC during the weekends, so I have a pretty busy lifestyle!
I often get people asking me how I balance between all these and still do my hobbies like tennis and going to see friends. I can tell you now it’s not easy but it is doable so here are some of my tips that I would give to anyone else in the same position. 

Be Realistic
When thinking about getting a part-time job look into realistic hours, think to yourself ‘Are you already struggling with time management?’ If so maybe look into a few hours a week, if not you could go for a couple of days a week. 
If you have a blog, having a post schedule can be pretty handy but don’t be unrealistic, don’t aim to post every day of the week, maybe once or twice. That’ll be enough to keep your readers interested in your blog.

Give yourself weekly goals
I try to set myself weekly goals, so if I have a particular project going on for uni I will set days to aim to do certain parts of it. I may even set myself a couple of hours to go through press emails, updating my blog, replying to comments or even researching up new ideas for future blog posts. 
Having goals set at the start of the week will push you to be more motivated to get stuff done, rather than just being very here and there about it. I love my little to do list from Paperchase by Rifle Paper which I have staring at me on my desk all the time. 

Have blog posts and social media scheduled
Sometimes I will have one week that is jam packed and then the next I will have a lot more time. So during my less busy week I will try write up a few blog posts and then just schedule them to post during my busier weeks. This means I don’t end up with weeks of no posts coming up on my blog as this can cause a drop in followers and views. 
You can do the same with social media, for example I use Hootsuite to schedule tweets, as sometimes when I’m doing uni work I’m trying to stay away from it so I can focus better or I’m at work so I don’t have access to social media. 

Have time for yourself
Try to not make things become a chore, make sure you still get time for yourself. Sometimes I get my best ideas when I'm at the gym or just going for a walk through town. If I give myself a couple of hours a day just to do whatever I want, sometimes that'll be just watching youtube videos, giving my self a manicure or chilling with my housemates. I find that I become much more productive when it does come down to getting on with work.

If you’ve already put yourself up to be juggling all these things, you’re probably already a very organised person. But if you aren’t so much, then hopefully following the few pointers I’ve said above will help you that little bit more to becoming better with time management.  

Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Budget Beauty Storage

My beauty corner really needed a tidy up and some new storage, but being a student I was on a bit of a budget. I found all these storage pieces at H&M Home, they were great value and really good quality which often lacks in budget products. 
I now store all my current skincare products and perfume on the small wooden tray £9.99, it keeps them all in one place and displays all the pretty packaging instead of them being stuffed up in a tin. I pop all my cotton pads in the glass jar £6.99 which keeps them clean and means I can chuck away the packaging cotton pads come in as it's not particularly attractive. Finally I got the set of 3 storage boxes £12.99 where I now store all my makeup brushes and other beauty accessories, I like how they are all different sizes and the heights are great to display brushes. 
My beauty corner now looks a lot more refreshing and modern and I haven't had to bust my bank! I think I'll be purchasing more from H&M Home in the near future. 
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