Saturday, 16 November 2013

Urban Outfitters Opening In Nottingham

On Thursday evening me and my friend Grace from my course went to the opening of Urban Outfitters in Nottingham, the vibe that evening was so good, they had a few DJ's in, free drinks, a photobooth, a temporary tattoo stand, you could sign some of the tables in store and they even gave people the chance of winning £500 to spend in store, sadly neither me or my friend won that but we did grab some freebies!
The new store has a pretty cool vibe, the store itself is pretty undone but they've decorated the walls with colourful graffiti and illustrations. It definitely has an urban feel to it, the mannequins had some really good outfits put together, they even have game consoles downstairs in the men's section! 
I've posted many photos below so have fun browsing, maybe even go head down to the store and have an actual look around.


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