Saturday, 12 July 2014

Makeup For Fashion Course at Central Saint Martins

This week I attended a short course in Makeup for Fashion for a week at University of Arts London, Central Saint Martins. I've been wanting to do a makeup course for years to get a chance to learn new techniques, use new products and tools and just to become more experienced with makeup. 
As I'm studying Fashion Communication at university we do quite a few photo-shoots so gaining these new skills in makeup will really help me make the most of these shoots without having to pay someone else to do it whilst building up my own portfolio of skills.
Kristina Vidic ran the course for us, she is a highly experienced makeup artist, working for some of the top designers out there and as a tutor at the university. You can look at some of her work here. She was an amazing tutor, I could ask as many questions as needed and she would give really helpful tips, tricks and advice. 

Day 1
In the morning we learnt about the different skin types and how to care for them, as well as what can sometimes cause imperfections. As we were focusing on base makeup we looked at the different types of foundations, concealers, correctors, contouring and highlighting powders. 
After lunch Kristina gave us a tutorial on how to apply the best possible base and then it was our turn to try it out. Before now I had only ever done makeup on western skin and it was great to try out doing the base makeup on Asian skin as it's totally different! I forgot to take a before photo but here's the after photo of my first attempt at base makeup on Asian skin.

Day 2
On day 2 we focused on natural makeup and brows. Kristina was working on a Chanel Haute Couture show so we had a friend of hers take over for the day. She started with a tutorial showing us tips and tricks to create the best natural look and then we had to create the same look on each other. I learnt methods which I had never tried before which I may write a separate post about in the future. Due to time we didn't get round to actually doing brows on each other but she did show us how to do them and  how to find the perfect brow shape.

Day 3
Kristina was back from her show and we got to be a bit more creative today. We started off with just basic eyeliner and then moved onto doing interesting shapes, cut creases and wings. It was interesting to see how different styles of eyeliner works and doesn't work on different eye shapes.
We then moved onto creating the perfect lip, we were challenged by only being allowed to use red. It is surprisingly difficult to get each side equal on the lips, I found it more difficult than the eyeliner!

Day 4
In the morning we had the chance to go down to MAC and receive 35% off for being on the course so we could build up our kits, how could you so no to that much money off?! I bought a few items, for just £50 I got a full size Face & Body foundation, an eyeliner, a blusher and an angled brush!
In the afternoon it was all about smoky eyes and colours. Kristina created this very fun look below when showing us the techniques. I had so much fun using bright colours as a contour, so much more fun to play with than just a basic contour colour.

Day 5
On our final day we got to do any look that we desired, I went for a look that was a bit of a challenge for me. I was inspired by this image I found on Pinterest below, I adapted it to fit my model as no face or eye shape is the same and also my models hair colour was much darker.
After we completed our look we had a professional photographer take photos of the look so we can add it to our portfolios. At the moment I am waiting for that photo to be sent to me so for now I just have some photos I took on my own camera.

I made some new friends, learnt so many new skills and techniques and had an amazing time. Thank you to Kristina for being an amazing tutor. I am now a qualified beginner makeup artist!
I would recommend this course to anyone who want to learn the basics of makeup or brush up on the skills they already have. They also do an advanced course in September where you get to be even more creative which I hope to do in the next few years.



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