Wednesday, 8 October 2014

LUSH Halloween & Christmas Launch Event

I was lucky enough to attend an event at LUSH in Nottingham earlier last week where other bloggers and I had an early insight into their Halloween and Christmas collections. To start off, it smelt so damn amazing in there! I was first shown the very striking Sparkly Pumpkin which features an energising blend of juniper-berry, lime, grapefruit oil and a whole lot glitter that stuck to my hands all evening. Then we were shown a demonstration of Sparkler which was pretty cool as its just yellow from the outside but when popped into water it sparkles out orange from the centre and spins around in the bath like a Catherine wheel! Northern lights also does this but its purple with a bright green centre to look just like the northern lights when mixed into your bath. They were the main Halloween ones I liked but there were also lots of soaps and gift boxes that snap like a cracker when you open them! You can check out the rest of the Halloween collection here. 

Then we moved onto looking at the Christmas collection which features lots of glitter, stars and cute animal shapes. The Holly Golightly is extremely christmassy looking, silver glitter on the outside, bright dark green in the centre with spicy scents and all topped off with holly and cherries. I loved the look of The Christmas Hedgehog  but I don't think I could ever bring myself to use it, I can't just crumble up such a cute looking thing! However, it does contain shea and cocoa butter which is so good for your skin, especially from the harsh winter temperatures. I tried out Yog Nog which is a very creamy skin drink that smells like fudge, it left my skin so soft and smelt incredible. If they had this as a shower gel or moisturiser I would have probably picked that to take home but it's a soap which isn't a product I personally use. Again there are so many products I could talk about so you can check out the rest of the Christmas collection here.

At the end of the event we got to pick 3 products to take home and I chose Northern Lights as it was such an exciting concept of how it dissolves in the bath and I just want to see those amazing colours explode in my bath. After hearing soooooo much about Snow Fairy I had to try it out for myself and it smells just like the Bubble Gum lip scrub that I've used for years. I finally picked Candy Mountain as it smells like vanilla and candy which are my favourite smells! It's also not an animal shape so I do think I'll actually use it instead of having it as a cute decoration in my room.

It was so lovely to meet lots of other bloggers that live in or near Nottingham, I've never really had a chance to before and I hope to become good friends with them and meet up again in the future. 
Thank you to LUSH for hosting the event and offering us lots of yummy sweets and cake as well as a few products to take home. 
Will you be trying any of these products out this Halloween or Christmas?

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  1. I adore Lush and it's safe to say their Christmas products are the best. I've already ordered tons of goodies!

    Colourful Stuff | Beauty, Fashion, Life ♥

    1. They do have some amazing products around Christmas, have to stock up on some of them to last the whole year! x

  2. Great post! I went for the snow fairy too :) Sorry we didn't get a chance to talk, I was a bit in my own little world I think haha!

    1. I've never had it but always heard about it. That's alright! I had to leave early anyways for my boyfriends birthday so I wasn't there very long. Hopefully we can meet up some other time :) x

  3. I get so excited knowing that Christmas products are coming out already!! I need to use up my current LUSH products before I buy more........maybe not ;) the event looked like lots of fun!

  4. sounds and looks like you had a fab time! The three products you choose look great, can't wait to hear your thoughts! x


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