Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Teatox On a Budget

As you may know I am a university student which means I have to live on a pretty tight budget so I often try and find a cheaper alternative where possible.
Over the summer I saw a huge boom in teatoxes and was intrigued, until I looked at the price tags. Most brands were asking for around £20 for a 14 day package, some juice detoxes were coming up to £100! I'm not saying that they don't work, I've seen plenty of before and after photos but I think they're way over priced.
I'd put on quite a few pounds over my first year at university and wanted to shed this off and cleanse my body from all the rubbish I knew I had been eating and drinking.
I'm normally a coffee drinker and I decided to cut this out completely for a few weeks and instead I started drinking the very refreshing Pukka Cleanse Tea which contains nettle leaf, dandelion root and fennel seed, cooled with peppermint and aloe vera. It only costs about £2 from Tesco and I managed to shed off almost half a stone within a few weeks! I don't completely rely on these teas to keep me slim, I do exercise about 3-4 times a week but I was doing that before I started drinking them, during and I still am, so I'm very sure that it was the teas that helped me drop all the toxins out of my body. 
I've now continued drinking herbal teas but I do have the cheeky coffee here and there. I've currently been drinking Twinings Green Tea with Lemon and their Peppermint tea about once a day as when I went food shopping they were only £1 for a box of 20 bags! 
Since drinking these teas I've managed to keep the weight off, my skin has improved a lot and for once I feel comfortable in my own body (my bank balance is pretty happy too!)
Unfortunately, I don't have any before and after images to show you, as when I started drinking these teas I didn't really think anything of it but now I kind of wish I had taken photos to really prove that you don't need to spend £20 on a specialised kit when you can get the same results for just a few quid. 
Have you tried out a teatox or now feel like trying out my budget version? 


  1. I've been wanting to try out teatoxes too, but as a student I felt I couldn't justify spending £20 on one! I drink Green Tea with Jasmine here and there but I've never thought to teatox with it! Thanks for the inspiration and glad to hear that it actually works on a budget :) x

     Charlotte's Road

    1. Just drink that once or twice every day and you should notice a difference! Let me know how it goes :) xxx

  2. I actually hadn't heard of teatoxes before! I love herbal tea myself, so this makes perfect sense. It's amazing how much of a difference it can make. By the way, lovely picture, you look like Cobie Smulders in this one. :)

    x Sneha | www.snehakadaba.com


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