Thursday, 16 May 2013

My Hair Over The Years

After several years of dying my hair, I have finally got it very close to all natural and back to a healthy state!
I've done a video talking about the products I have used to help the process which is at the bottom of this post.
So on here I've got pictures of all the different stages my hair has been through.

This is my hair before I had every dyed it, completely natural (apart form it being curled).
May 2010
Here is a picture of the first time I ever dyed my hair, I used a semi-permanent dark brown and then not long after I did the same but with a berry brown coloured dye.

June 2011
After a while the red had slightly stained my hair so I got highlights professionally which really lightened my hair, I did love this and even had it for prom!  

September - December 2011
After having relatively natural hair colours for a while I had wanted to go a bit more adventurous, so I went for a permanent bright red. It was so high maintenance, I had to dye it every few weeks or it would fade to an orangey pinky colour.

December 2011
I then let it fade out before I used ColourB4 to strip the red from my hair which left me with a nasty brassy colour with patches of blonde! I then used a semi-permanent brown similar to my natural colour to hide this. 

February 2012
Not long later I booked an appointment to get my hair permanently dyed to my natural colour, but ended up going a dark brown as my hair took the dye too well!

May 2012
The dip dye trend appeared and I loved it! So what did I do? I went ahead and did it with bleach and to top it off I added turquoise to it. I wish I could have kept this forever, but school didn't approve and it damaged my hair pretty badly.

July 2012 till now
 After so long of dying my hair, I finished off all my dying with a brown similar to my natural colour all over so my roots and ends were the same colour. 
Since then I haven't dyed my hair and it is all almost natural as I've just continued to get it cut every 7ish weeks and been using plenty of hair nourishing products. There is now just the smallest amount of the dark brown left on the ends which will hopefully all cut off by the end of this summer.

If you want to know the products I used to get my hair back into a natural healthy state, and also products I used to disguise the damage until it had gone please check out my youtube video below.


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