Friday, 6 March 2015

The Cutest Cases + Discount Code!

My last phone case was on the brink of falling apart and having an iPhone 5C it's not the easiest to find a good range of cases as most high street stores only sell cases for the 5 or 6. 
For a good while I've followed Wonder Forest who is a very talented blogger who posts a range of how-to's for blog design to your classic beauty and fashion posts. Not only that but she has her own range of phone and tablet cases on Casetify that are her own very cute illustrations (Click here for her collection). I loved the little cat design as it reminds me of my cat from home and it's just so damn adorable, so of course that was the one I went for. 

On Casetify you can get the cases made to the majority of phones and tablets which is great for us 5C users! There are also plenty of other collections if Wonder Forest's isn't to your taste. 
The print quality and the material quality is really good, much better than some I've bought off Amazon and high street stores. I can't wait to get some more cases from here! 
They vary in price depending on your devices size and for some you can also pick the style of the casing but you can get $10 off your purchase by using the discount code Q4CQEP and they also ship worldwide for FREE! 

Which case would you go for in Wonder Forest's collection? I want them all! 


  1. Awww this is so cute =] I like bed of roses, nutty narwhals, magical unicorns, catty cats and painted rainbow =]

  2. These are adorable! I love the soft colour soft the cats. I'm glad Wonder Forest is now doing case i've loved her designs for a while :) Rebecca | xx

    1. They are just so lovely, I wish I could have them all x


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