Sunday, 17 August 2014

Print Vs. Digital

So many of you probably heard the news about Company magazine no longer creating print magazines and instead going fully digital from October this year. This is one of the first major magazines to do this change and I don't think it'll be long until others join on the band wagon.
Earlier this year at university we actually had a discussion about digital taking over print and I think it's a big and very current debate, so I wanted to create this post so us fellow bloggers can express our opinions on the matter.

I personally prefer print and beg for it not to disappear, every month I purchase at least one magazine, sometimes I even end up with about 5! I like having something in the palm of my hands that I can flick through, cut out and scribble on, it's all part of the novelty of a magazine. They also become almost like a decoration in my room, I keep them all in pretty filing stands and you can see all the pictures popping through. 

I've noticed that some magazines give you the option to also purchase it on your tablet or phone which I think is a good idea, in the fact that you can purchase the magazine whenever you want as long as you have access to internet. 
I have Stylist magazine on my phone, this is mainly because where I live I don't really get access to Stylist as they are often handed out in the city but I still want to be able to read it every week. It is really handy as it means I don't have to fold up or roll up the magazine in my bag and I can get access to it every week at no cost.

The problem with downloading magazines is that you can't do much with them once you've read them and you can't really store many as your phone or tablet storage fills up fast.
I don't own a tablet, I just have my phone so the screen is much smaller which limits the creativity of the design or they just shrink it down to the point that you can barely see the detail anymore and in fashion the detail is so important! 
There would be no such thing as freebies or samples with online magazines, unless they supply you with a voucher to get it free. For many beauty brands it's a huge marketing technique in having samples and testers in magazines as it can reach their target market much more directly, that would be no more in digital! Yes they can still advertise, but the majority of people like to try before they buy. 

There are many other things I could say that are positives and negatives about them but I don't want this post to drag on into a full on essay! I would just like to say good luck to Company Magazine in their step into digital publications, I will miss your lovely matte paper.

Now it's your turn to get involved, comment below what your opinions are on this debate, it would be very interesting to hear.


  1. I really enjoyed reading this post and I agree with you so much! x

  2. I think it's a shame that magazines are moving away from print. I like having something solid in my hands too and though I can see the benefits of digital journalism it would be nice to have the option!
    Megan x
    London Callings


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