Monday, 4 August 2014

My New Hair & Experience at Umberto Giannini Birmingham

On Saturday I had my hair done at Umberto Giannini in Birmingham for the first time, I’ve never been to a fancy hairdressers, I’ve always gone to my local one so I was very excited to change things up a bit.
I’m one of those people who love going to the hairdressers; I enjoy the whole experience, as long as my hair looks good at the end! As I was in love with my hair after this experience at UG I just had to tell you all about it.

Rights given by Umberto Giannini for photos
This UG salon I went to was in Selfridges in the Bullring, that alone made me feel all sophisticated. Prior to the actual cut and colour, I went in a few weeks before to get a skin test and a consultation to make sure I’m not allergic to their dyes and so that they know what kind of style I wanted in advance. I’d recommend taking some photos of what you want so that they can really visualise it instead of them just having to almost guess from a description. I used Pinterest for this as there’s so much hair inspiration on it and it’s so easy to access the images once they’re pinned to a board of yours. I was there for about 15 minutes discussing what I wanted and they were so good at giving advice on how we could achieve it and what they would personally recommend.

Rights given by Umberto Giannini for photos
When I arrived for my cut and colour my hair was so ready for it! As I had recently moved it into a middle parting my layers were all over the place and my ends were so dead!
For the colour I had balayage, which is basically really random highlights to give a lovely sun kissed look. I quite like my natural colour so I didn’t want to completely change it but this just added a bit more texture and brightness to it.
Then after about an hour waiting for that to process we went over to wash my hair. I went to sit down at the sinks and the chair tilted back and lifted your legs up a bit so you were practically lying down whilst having your head massaged and washed, I was so close to falling asleep I was that relaxed!
For the cut I wanted my layers to be sorted out and a bit of the length off, as the ends were so dry they just had to go. He then blow-dried my hair with lots of volumising products in and then curled it in random directions to make it look really textured.

I loved the finished result, throughout the whole appointment he was making sure I was happy with what was going on with my hair and I had lots of confidence in him getting it right. My hair looked so bouncy and healthy, my layers were sorted out and all the dead ends were gone! The colour was perfect, it added texture and brightness to my hair colour without looking streaky or unnatural.
I would love to go again, I don’t think I’ve ever stepped out a salon and loved my hair so much, don’t get me wrong I have loved the finished result at my local hairdressers too but just not as much as this.
Thank you to Dee and the team at Umberto Giannini, I hope to see you again soon!

Before and After



  1. Just followed your blog! Now, that looks like a lovely experience at the salon and your hair is so pretty!! I can't say I've had the same experience when going to my salon. Iol... It's so hard to find a really good stylist but looks like you got one! Loving your blog.

    ♡ Regina ♡
    Margarita Bloom: Beauty & Fashion
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    1. Thank you! Yea it was, I've had stylists at local hairdressers in the past who've messed up my hair big time! It was nice to have it exactly how I wanted it for once. xx

  2. Looove the hair, absolutely stunning!
    I've nominated you for the Liebster award, check the info out here -
    Sam xo


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